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Fierinferno [userpic]

If you have or want a Motorcycle or an ATV I've found the place worthy of your bike.

July 10th, 2009 (12:56 pm)

Many of you know I like to promote local AZ businesses that I've found trustworthy, this business makes me want to but a motorcycle from them so I can support their business.

If you're in Arizona and you have or want a motorcycle or ATV (or to Rent an ATV) then I found *the* place to go for purchases, rentals, or repairs! Rarely do we see the old mom and pop Arizona businesses with fair practices and friendly experienced people anymore. Support them where you can. Support Bob Leon and his son, Tony. I only met Bob, but I'm sure Tony is nice, too.

What better investment in entertainment than an ATV you can use whenever you like, or a fuel efficient motorcycle that will save hundreds, if not thousands, a year?

ARIZONA OFF-ROAD (602) 997-9329
1833 W Mountain View PHX, AZ 85021
Just East of 19th Ave between Dunlap and Peoria, on Mountain View.

It's not a bad drive since it's right off the freeway, but it's so worth it to know you're getting an honest repair shop who will give it to you straight, and not give you anything you don't need.

ATV Rentals, ATV and Motorcycle Sales, Accessories, Parts and Service.

Many of their parts are sold with no additional fee to install them, so it costs you a lot less then getting a slightly cheaper part from a catalog. He'll stand behind his labor and parts, and this is the kind of guy who is fair. If something goes wrong, he'll fix it. If there's something you need to know, he'll tell you. He's owned this business since 1978, and I've rarely met a business person who I've wanted to promote as badly as I want to promote him. Other local businesses who can't repair stuff themselves, or don't have the equipment, take their bikes to him! What better endorsement?

I spent a good hour just talking with Bob, he's an older guy with nice traditional family values and excellent business practices. If you do go see him, let him know that I, (or the young chatty girl would probably identify me) referred you. You could mention this date, July 10th, although I don't think that'll be necessary. I don't get anything out of that, and while it might not get you much of a discount or anything, I suspect he'll be a bit friendlier than he already is and he'll certainly make sure you're taken care of. Although really, he makes sure his customers are well taken care of anyway, but please mention me so he knows I helped :) I know he doesn't take in any more vehicles than he has room to keep inside overnight, and he's about as competent as you can hope for, and is definitely not going to sell you anything you don't need, or overprice anything. It's rare to meet such an honest business person, particularly in this field, and I wish I had a bike that I could take to him.

Also, I've got that excellent car Mechanic if anyone needs that, too.

He's open from 9-5, lunch from 1-2 since he's there alone frequently, and he has a whole shop full of all the parts you could need if you just need to pick something up. Call ahead if you want to be sure he can help you with what you need. I know he does work for other area shops that don't have the equipment he does, and if the pro's trust him to do what they can't do, I can't imagine what you'd need done that he couldn't get done!

Alex - I'll drive down there to help you get home and back to get the bike if you need to take it in. I know it's a bit out of your comfort area as it's in the Avenues, but it's worth the trip.

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

May 23rd, 2009 (12:20 am)

I still need a home for Pierro and Lymric. The out of state option almost looked like it might be doable, but it turns out we're not going to be able to get them there before I have to be out of here, and I don't have anywhere to store them. If you might be able to watch them for a few months, or even a few weeks until we can find a way to get them to California, please let me know. They're both very friendly, and very low maintenance. I can even send them with you with food, litter, and all of the things they could possibly need for at least a few weeks. I might be able to do more if that's necessary for you. They are my babies. Please don't make me send them somewhere where they'll be sold to strangers, or put down if they can't be sold. If you would prefer to keep them rather than babysit them, that will be very difficult for me, but I'd rather they belonged to a friend than a stranger.

Next off, Lee and I found a sort of compromise. She's paying for movers and I have until the 28th to be out. I really don't need help anymore. I wouldn't object to help packing, but I don't really need it. I do need someone to take the stuff that I can't keep with me or store off my hands.

80% of my disposable income has gone into that category of stuff over the last few years, and a lot of it is really neat and/or useful. If you've coveted any of my stuff in the past, if you need any office supplies, make-up, gift wrapping, kitchen supplies, pantry or staples food, towels, bedding, there's just so much freaking stuff that I can't keep with me. really anything you could find in a Walgreens, or if you just want to go shopping in my house, let me know. I also have a futon, desk, tables, and other furniture type stuff that I probably won't have room to store, since my dad's going to get the cheapest facility possible. He's also said I have to give up the couch, so if anyone wants it... I'd rather have my stuff go to people I like and know already than dumpster divers or flaky free-cycle folks who probably won't get here in time to salvage any of it.

That's the news. No one's offered to help, no one in state has offered to take the cats for any period of time, and some people aren't answering the phone when I call them now... If you can do anything at all, please let me know. Oh, I did hear from my sister and she offered to let me stay with her. I really appreciate that, but after the move to L.A. went so oddly, I'm not comfortable moving somewhere I've never lived. We decided that it might be good for me to go visit shortly after I move into my parents house, though, if nothing else, to give me a little break from the maddness. I know as soon as I can get a bit more settled I'll be *really* looking forward to that. I <3 family. Except that my parents are already driving me absolutely bat shit crazy. I'm sure I'm no treat for them either. Fun fun. At least there's a plan.

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

October 21st, 2008 (05:06 pm)

Last night I stopped to pick up gravy at the little Chinese market right next to my parents house on my way there for dinner. As I was walking out to my car this little sweet puppy came up me wagging her tail and practically jumped in my car. I walked around with her and she didn't belong to anyone. There is a big empty lot on that corner, perfect for leaving animals you don't want to keep :( I did put out fliers with my number, but I'm not expecting a call. The women in the salon said they saw her about half an hour or more before that, put some milk out for her, let their kids play with her, and then just left her out there!

I know that part of the reason she's so docile is that she's still not feeling well, but she has the sweetest temperament I've ever seen in a puppy. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow. If he says she's going to stay small I might consider keeping her. That is probably not the case, though. I love her and I think the things that make it so hard for me to accept that I can't keep her will make it easy to find her a hew home. I just cannot add a dog to the house of four cats. I'm going to turn into a "hoarder" of animals, which is very very bad. I also lost my job today, and dogs can get very expensive with shots and vet bills and food and things. Cats are pretty cheap and independent, but dogs are expensive and time consuming. I travel too much for a dog, too. Hell, even when I'm home I don't have a schedule to have a dog. I just do not have a lifestyle that would allow me to care for a dog. :(

If you happen to recognize her breed, or if you think you might be interested in meeting her and possibly taking her home, let me know. I'll update tomorrow with whatever the vet tells me.

This is me holding Duchess at my mommy's house. She's very complacent, which is probably because she's still dehydrated and was very hungry when I found her.

This was the photo I took of her for the Found Puppy Flier I made up and posted around where I found her.

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

June 15th, 2008 (01:49 am)


This is a fundraiser for Alex. If you enjoy Improv and funny performances, consider joining us. If you want to help out, consider joining us. You'll not just be helping Alex by attending and hopefully donating a few dollars, but you'll also be helping me.

They are also doing a silent auction with a shitload of cool stuff, which can be seen by clicking the link above.

Time: 8:00pm
Admission: $10
Address: 636 E. Pierce St. Phoenix

* Confirmed Acts: National Comedy Theatre Phoenix
* Tommy and Bob
* Balderdash
* David Danials
* The Remainders

Time: 11:45pm
Admission: $8
Address: 1111 Longmore Rd. Mesa

* Confirmed Acts: National Comedy Theatre Phoenix
* Torch Road Team

Silent Auction
Time: All evening
Address: 636 E. Pierce St. Phoenix

If you want to be sure to see me, let me know which time you'll be there, or if you'll be there all night. I've seen quite a few of these folks perform, and they're incredibly funny... It's worth the admission, and then some.

Please feel free to repost this, or invite any of your other friends.

$18.00 and you get a good show that will make you laugh until your pants split, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone who is going through a terrible time (both through your support and by spreading the invitation around), and you'll have my eternal gratitude and appreciation.

This can be much more satisfying than donating to a charity, you'll get to meet the person you're helping, know that it's going to a worthy cause, and cut out the middle man so you know your efforts are going directly to the person in need without any nonsense associated with an organization. Of course, I'll be happy to provide you with updates about his status if you're interested, other than the general posts I make about stuff involving him.

If you're out of town and you'd like to help, there's a link on the page above. Please let them know you're a friend from my LJ, as Alex likes to know who people are. Of course, if you really want to donate anonymously, don't let that stop you, but please feel free to specify who you are if you're comfortable, it makes him happy :)

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

June 10th, 2008 (03:48 am)

I've mentioned this page before, but I wanted to give it a shot out again, outside of my friends filter.

If you haven't read Tales of Mu - head over there and check it out. Start here: if the FIRST PAGE doesn't hook you, then you've wasted a bit of time and you can resent me quietly until you can get your revenge by Rick-rolling me or something. If it does catch your fancy you'll be awfully glad you clicked! I promise.

This is a great story/book/web comic without the comic?!? The author, Alexandra Erin has been writing this book and publishing daily updates on her website for just a few days over a year now, and she's well into book six of the ongoing story. She updates a chapter a day, and it's far more entertaining than any of the webcomics I read, or really any other website I frequent. On the rare occasion that she misses an update, I (and probably the majority of her 15 thousand readers) find myself returning to the page frequently until I get my daily fix of the characters, experiences, and events.

What about the world she's created? I've read an awful lot of books. It's the characters and the stories that I generally find fascinating. If I can find a way to relate to the characters I can enjoy much of what I read. She's done so much more than just create dynamic characters with interesting plot lines. She's created a unique and fascinating world that envelops her characters and impacts their lives in a way I've never found so compelling.

If you've ever read a book that you just didn't want to end - this is the story for you. The fact that it's ongoing allows you several options.

1. You can read a book when it's finished by ordering it from her website, which I suggest. Feel free to pick up a copy for me while you're there ;) 2. You can read the books on her webpage when they're finished, if you can wait patiently for her to finish them before you start reading the new book. Or you can do the best option, option 3. You can read a little bit every day, when she posts her daily chapter. Every morning I have a brand new chapter to read, and the option to read the discussion about by simply clicking the link below the story which adds the comments to the page you're already viewing. It's an ongoing book that I never have to put down, never ends, and adds a wonderful and brief addition of something magical to my mornings.

If you never click anything else I've linked to, click this one.

It's an amazing story, it's free, it's done in a format that's innovative and, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air. It's a great to get immerse myself in her world a little bit every day without spending too much time sitting down and reading while I need to be doing other things. In the time it takes to drink my morning coffee I've read through the days chapter and I've been entertained, fulfilled, stimulated, and never disappointed by reaching an end and having to wait months for more of what I want right now.

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

April 18th, 2008 (01:54 pm)

Quick recap for those not following the campaign right now, like I'm attempting but not succeeding to accomplish because I read too many blogs right now. The explanation turned out to be longer, if you know about this skip down to the last several paragraphs. The debate between Obama and Clinton on television the other night was bad. Too much infighting. We were hoping to get the Republicans to rip each other apart, they saw it and turned the tables, McCain took the lead and the rest dropped out. Bully to them, we're currently fucked over here at the moment. Although, even as a Clinton supporter, I don't want Obama to drop out. I want the people to decide.

I also want my spell check to recognize Obama as a word, the way it does Clinton and McCain, but that's beside the point.

So Obama makes a speech somewhere post debate (I don't know what it was for or where it was, because that's not what's interesting about it) where he "channels," as the bloggers are saying, Jay-Z. Jay-Z has a music video for the song Dirt off your Shoulder, and in this video he, and other characters having interactions with unpleasant people, just brush their shoulder as a statement saying - This conflict is something I can just brush off, then they move on. If I wanted to make a sweeping and unfounded generalization while I'm here, I might state that it seems to be a positive move towards eradicating some of the unnecessary hostility in the culture he's targeting with his music, a hostility that has been encouraged by those in his position before him.

Closer to the point. When Obama is making his speech about how avoiding the issues and dealing with attack ads are just part of the Washington Policy he wants to change. (quick tangent) He then goes on to say it's "alright," the common abbreviation for all right with what I noticed to be a pronunciation that is directly between the common pronunciation "awl-rahyt", and the pronunciation "a'ight" that is so commonly used in (dare I say it?) Ebonics. So, as he says that it's alright, he moves forward to say he can "brush it off" and makes the brushing gesture to his shoulder that has become known as the Jay-Z's movement that signifies this song and this expression.

That was all just explanation for those of you not following. Here's my point. In the audience behind him on the left side is an older white male gentleman, on the right is a younger white lady, and an older white lady, all a bit on the pudgy side. When he made this gesture the crowd got up and cheered exorbitantly, as did the older male and younger female. The older lady sat still, but from what I could see she was clapping and cheering from her seat. That man had no idea what he was doing, unless Jay-Z opened the show, which isn't something I've read. NO FREAKING IDEA. While I realize it was a gesture that could be reasonably understood, it does not merit the kind of attention it received without the pop culture reference.

*edit* Listening to the Jay-Z song again, I wanted to share the first lines after the DJ intro thing. If you're feeling like a pimp, nigger, go on brush your shoulders off. Ladies you're pimps, too, go on brush your shoulders off. While the overall sentiment of the song is one I agree with, I just can't believe this is what a Presidential candidate is emulating. I believe the overall intent to be positive, but freakin' come on. Do we have to wrap a positive message in this kind of trash to make it viable?

I also must confess, for full disclosure, that I have not made it entirely through the song. I just couldn't manage.

I just stopped believing he is any more genuine and any less contrived than any of the other political machines (candidates), he's just got different people than the usual Washington crowd. He'd be a different President, for sure, but probably not any better.

I will now go watch television to see if any of my favorite info-tainers have picked this up and made jokes about it.

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

December 14th, 2006 (01:16 pm)

Because sharing xkcdhas been the thing to do lately, I wanted to share this with you all :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For the record, I have not only been on this date, but I have been on this date from *both* ends.

If you read Least I Could Do I wanted to share my distaste for the current story line with you. Even I sometimes assume that people with less than ideal dating styles became that way because of a retarded past relationship (I've actually said as much in the last week), but it's not always correct and I'm sort of annoyed with the whole concept. Sometimes people are just the way they are and blaming someone else isn't really the thing to do. Of course, because I realized this I think everyone else on the planet should, too, and everyone should stop perpetuating the cycle of blame.

And last but not least, Questionable Content is really a gem today. If you didn't already know, DeBeers does actually run the world, and even wikipedia is not exempt.

I'm failing at being productive right now. I am feeling better, I need to be kicking ass and taking names, not reading webcomics.

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Adventures in cooking

April 16th, 2006 (08:08 pm)

I'm going to try and cook something at least moderately interesting once a week. Maybe bi-weekly, depending on time, finances, and mass of my last project.

I'm hoping that after a few months if I get any good at this I will start inviting people over for little dinner parties. I'll have to add side dishes and things that aren't prudent for my cooking alone, but I can handle that.

I'm hoping for suggestions. I like things that don't require a ton of ingredients (I do keep a pretty well stocked spice cabinet, condiments, that sort of thing).

Anyway, here's my adventure in pesto. Enjoy.Collapse )

Fierinferno [userpic]


April 3rd, 2006 (03:56 pm)

If you stay up a bit past your bedtime, you can be awake for 01:02:03 04/05/06 (unless you're operating on a European schedule, then we can do it again on the 4th of May).

I dig this stuff more than reasonable people ought to :)

Fierinferno [userpic]

(no subject)

March 17th, 2006 (12:16 am)

Happy St. Patty's Day, Everyone!

Image hosting by Photobucket

What's your pot of gold?

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